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The Mobbs

The Mobbs

From the heart of England and unashamedly dressed like all good gentlemen should be; The Mobbs play garage punk with an infectious ferocity second to none. Hailing from the old shoe town of Northampton, The Mobbs have traveled Europe entertaining crowds with blistering riffs and are single handedly responsible for a 250% increase in cravat sales and moustache combs throughout the empire.

In the past few years The Mobbs have released three albums and two 7"s and have been played on many radio stations including BBC 6Music, XFM and Absolute Radio. The Mobbs are currently promoting their latest album "Stiff Upper Lip And Trousers To Match" across the UK and Europe.

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The Snakeman 3

The Snakeman 3

Garage Punk With Soul.

A vociferous four piece roller-coaster of Punk, the spirit of sixties garage echoing through their modern original tunes.

Based in the Midlands The Snakeman 3 flog their wares all over the UK and Europe, delivering sharp suited fuzz guitar playing madness to the grateful masses.

With two Long players currently on release and a hot new single out soon, these shade wearing boys are a busy bunch, and are often to be heard on your wirelesses or televisual devices via YouTube.

Never miss an opportunity to see The Snakeman 3 in three dimensions, their live show is one not to be missed.

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The Mobbs - Piffle CD (PRE ORDER)

The latest album from The Mobbs contains 14 more ferrocious tracks. Pre-order now to impress all your friends!

£10 + 

The Mobbs - Garage Punk For Boys CD

The first Mobbs album to feature the award winning Bishop contains 14 blistering tracks to make your toes tingle.

£5 + 

The Mobbs - Ruby Sol / White Collar Worker - split 7" EP

The Mobbs 1st 7" EP contains 2 tracks from their album Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers To Match and two previously unreleased tracks.

£5 + 

The Snakeman 3 - We're Better Than You - CD LP

The Snakeman 3 release their second full length LP exclusively on Cravat Records. 10 tracks of garage rock mayhem recorded live in the secret snake lair.

The Mobbs - Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers To Match - CD LP

"Bursting with retro energy, Northampton trio The Mobbs sum up everything we love about proper British bands."

£5 + 
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